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Friday, July 15, 2005


The manuscript for our latest An Unquiet Grave was accepted today. No big deal, you say? Don't you expect your editor to accept your stuff? Well...

Writers do their thing in a vacuum. We pound away on faith, hoping that when we get to the end, our editor will love it, the marketing people will support it and -- most important -- someone will buy it. Most of us are like turtles with no shells, easily crushed. We print out those 400 pages, box em up and ship em off to New York. Then we sit and wait. We sit and wait for the email that says, "Are you NUTS? This sucks! I don't know why we ever signed you. This this is the LAST BOOK you will ever write." Can you spell paranoia?

So when our editor John emailed today effusive about the new book, Kelly and I exhaled the breath we had been holding for two months. I mean, we think An Unquiet Grave is a good story, but we were afraid it was a little over the top, a tad gothic, a bit stranger than our usual stuff. Did I mention that it takes place in a crumbling Victorian insane asylum. And that it's a love story?

Well, An Unquiet Grave will be out in February 2006. When we get the new cover, you'll be the first to see it. In the meantime, you can check out the place that inspired this story -- Eloise mental hospital in Michigan:
Tales of Eloise Some childhood demons never completely go away.


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